Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shark Steam Pocket Mop


I don’t like cleaning the house. I mean who really does?  But the one chore that I don’t mind is mopping the floor.  I remember having to do this at my parents house and they had a squeeze mop which was kind of fun to use. 

Since then, mop manufacturers have come up with easier and faster options for cleaning the floor.  I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet a few years ago and this does work faster, but I would not say it is better.  Perhaps if you use it every other day it would keep up with the deeper dirt.  But being that I hate cleaning, I only use it once a week. 

We have a white laminate floor and it has this grey hue to it.  We have a squeeze mop just like my parents had and I use it about once a month to try and get it more clean, but I’m not sure it really does much better than the Swiffer.  I’ve even tried different floor cleaner and a homemade one I found on Pinterest. 

The only time I felt I got a great clean was when I went Snow White style and got down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush, but who’s going to do that every time?  Not me!

Jamie saw the Shark Steam Pocket Mop and almost bought it for me for Christmas.  But being the smart husband he is, he decided that would not be an appropriate gift and instead told me about it.  So we looked into it online and found the best deal at Walmart.  It was originally $69.00 but it is on sale for $39 + tax, free shipping site-to-store. We bought model number S3501WMZ.

This mop only uses water, no cleaning solutions.  It heats up the water and steam cleans the floor.  This one comes with two cleaning pads that are machine washable. 

Here’s the floor after sweeping:


Here’s the floor after the Swiffer and you can see how dirty the cleaning pad is.  Yuck!


Here’s the floor after using the Steam Pocket Mop:


You can see that the steam mop was able to pick up even more dirt which I’m not surprised by.  The floor is definitely whiter, but not as much as I would like.  I think this will take a couple more times before we can really see a great difference. 

It says it works on all floor types, including wood.  I’m a bit surprised since I assume water and wood are not compatible.  It does say that the floor must be sealed.  If any of my family or friends want to try it on their wood floors just ask and you can borrow mine and check it out.

Here are some pros and cons from my first use:

Pros: easy to assemble, water reservoir easy to fill, light weight, adjustable height (perfect for my husband which is a foot taller than me), long cord.

Cons: took a while to create really good steam and doesn’t really glide along the floor (it’s a bit of an arm workout).

So far it’s a keeper, but I haven’t washed the pad yet.  It will be interesting to see how they hold up in the wash.


Purpletoes said...

Among other things, we have a similar steam mop. I like it, but it doesn't get used as often as it should. Maybe if I had white floors like you and could see how well it worked I would use it more. I always love bleaching down the bathroom tile and being amazed at how white it can be!

Jennifer said...

When we had laminate flooring in our kitchen a few years back I too, was constantly battling to keep it clean. The best way is the Cinderella way, on your hands and knees. I did buy a similar Shark (I am guessing a lesser model being it was a few years back) and ended up returning it because it was really hard to push around like you mentioned...but for the great price you paid, seems yours may be worth it. (mine was much more expensive and not worth the money at the time)