Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last week we got a fundraiser from Jake’s daycare.  It is his first fundraiser.  I think it is a little young for a 13 month old to be selling things for a fundraiser, don’t you?  He is selling Butter Braids which seem to be a cross between a bread, coffee cake and kringle. 

Jamie and I discussed this and decided that we would buy 1, maybe 2 (since Jamie wants the cream cheese and I want anything but the cream cheese), but that we are not ready to bring this stuff to work.  Besides, at $11 each they are expensive!  I really think the kids should do the selling and when Jake gets old enough I will take him around to try to sell what he can.  I am more likely to buy from a kid that asks me directly than from the parents.


Becky said...

That's insane!!!

Jennifer said...

Jadyn has had fundraisers all thru daycare...I take them to work...caring less if anyone buys them or not....usually I would prefer not because then I dont have to hassle around with money and bringing the junk in!!