Sunday, September 12, 2010

End of Summer

These past three weekends we have been on vacation.  Two weekends ago Jamie and I went camping while Jake was at Grandma’s weekend.  Jamie and I spent time reading, playing lots of cribbage, fishing and just relaxing. 

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to Jamie’s Aunt and Uncle’s house where we pitched the tent in their yard.  The first night we lost power for 3 hours and our tent had lots of water in it.  So the next morning we took everything out, mopped up the water and moved it to a new spot.  That day was super windy which helped dry out the tent.  It was cold, but we had a heater from the house and hand warmers for our sleeping bags.  It was still a great weekend.

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This past weekend we went up to the Dells to celebrate Mom’s 60th birthday.  We stayed at the Wilderness cabins on the golf course.  The cabin was really nice and the water parks were great!  The highlight for me, other than spending time with my family was winning $60 while playing Blackjack at Ho-Chunk.  Dad and I went on Friday night and I don’t think I lost more than 2 hands for the 30 mins I was sitting there. 

The weather is starting to cool down which means Fall is on its way!

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Jennifer said...

The pic of the 2 of them sleeping is precious. How cute!