Monday, September 6, 2010

More landscaping

Today after the rain stopped I took Jake to Stein’s Garden & Gifts to see what they had on sale in their garden center.  I still had a gift card that my Goddaughter, Jenna, gave me for Mother’s Day.  While Jake splashed around in the few puddles he found, I spotted some Indian Summer Rudbeckia flowers that I thought would add some great color to my landscaping.  Here is how the new landscaping is doing…

  076078074075The Russian sage and ornamental grasses took off after only a month in the ground.  The lilacs haven’t done much but I hope to see some growth next summer.  The arborvitae look really good and I am glad that we got the taller ones. 

To keep Jake from getting too wet while at the garden center I put him in these rain boots that I bought last week.  While we were checking out he picked out this small pumpkin.  A little early, but too cute!   



Jenny said...

Shel, it looks very nice!!

Anonymous said...

Mom thinks your landscaping is looking great.