Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garden Update

The first weekend in June I planted a vegetable garden.  It’s been about 11 weeks and it’s gotten quite big overgrown.  This may be due to the lawn service that spread fertilizer which found it’s way into the garden. 

The garden was doing well until July when there were a few too many hot days and not enough watering.  The peas all died and the beans don’t seem to be doing well, or the pepper plants or the broccoli.  However, we have gotten a lot of cucumbers these past few weeks and those plants seem to be taking over most of one garden.  In the other garden the tomato plants are taking over.



Jake’s been helping with the garden with watering and picking the veggies.  Unfortunately, the watering either drowns the plants or misses them all together and he doesn’t understand that we want red tomatoes, not green ones.  But I’m glad he wants to help.



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carolea said...

I give you an "A" for effort! Jake too. Hope you get lots of tomatoes