Friday, August 5, 2011

Hoo Hoo!

A co-worker is having a baby and she is decorating the nursery in an owl theme.  So cute!  I wanted to get her something for the nursery to add to my gift so I went to Etsy where crafty people sell their crafty things.  I searched owl and found some cute stuffed owls, but I wasn’t quite ready to spend $22 on it.  I also thought I could make one if I could find a pattern, since I’m not that creative. 

owl2I googled free owl pattern and found the most wonderful website, Toad’s Treasures, I love the name!  And lo and behold there was a free owl pattern and it was so cute!  Since I’m not that creative, and my co-worker doesn’t know if she is having a boy or girl I decided to try and find similar fabric.

I got started that night by cutting out the fabric and the next night I made my own owl.  Here’s how it went, but if you want a good tutorial, visit Toad’s Treasures.

Eyes and nose:

It’s starting to look like an owl now!  The tutorial says to do a zigzag stitch around the eyes, but my sewing machine and I have a love hate relationship and after two attempts that was just not happening.  I was expecting that, so I bought some iron on transfers that work perfect for a project like this.  So I ironed on the eyes and nose, then sewed on the rest, filled it with poly fill and he’s done!


Except there was something not quite right and it was bugging me to no end.  His nose was hard to see and his eyes look like eggs, sunny-side up.  Since I used iron transfers I couldn’t just remove them, so I decided to iron over them. 


Oh yeah, that’s better!  Stay tuned for two more projects that were inspired by the owl…