Saturday, August 27, 2011


For the past 6 years Charlie has been an indoor cat (though he always thought otherwise).  Ever since I was pregnant with Jake, Charlie has been aggressive to me and recently he has started getting aggressive towards Jake.  Most of this aggression would come out when I was trying to leave the house and Charlie was trying to escape outside.  So to alleviate this problem we started letting him outside. 


I was always worried that he would just leave and not come back and so I was surprised that he didn’t really go anywhere.  He would disappear for a couple minutes but then show back up next to me. 


He enjoys sitting on the deck, smelling the flowers and chasing birds that he will never actually catch.  He is declawed in the front so I still worry he will get into trouble, but so far so good.


I let him out last night while we went for drinks over by the neighbors (yes, Jamie finally met them!) and Charlie seemed to have disappeared.  I kept calling for him and even tried scooping his food into his bowl, but he was either too far away or wasn’t interested.  Well, at 5:30 AM, heard him meowing outside our bedroom window so I let him back in.  I think he’s exhausted from his overnight adventures because he hasn’t gotten off the couch yet!


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