Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital

Team Jenna was back at it for the Al’s run this year.  I made a Firstgiving fundraising page and asked family, friends and co-workers to donate.  I was surprised by the amount of donations I received, but I thought I would make a last ditch effort. 

I made cupcakes and brought them into work.  All I asked for in exchange was for them to drop some change into the jar.  I made Strawberry with Vanilla Buttercream and Devil’s Food with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream using some raspberries a co-worker brought in the day before. 

Als run 006

By the end of the day all the cupcakes were gone and there was $94 in the jar!  Some of them also donated online.  I think this worked out well because they could name their own price.

By the day of the Al’s run/walk I had collected $762.22!  Jake and I joined Jenny, Jadyn and of course Jenna.  Jenna wore a purple shirt for Children’s Champions.

Als run 005

The other shirts had Team Jenna on the back with a cute stick figure of a girl with curly hair.

Als run 003

Als run 004

There were over 4,000 people there and the weather was cool but by the end of the walk I was quite warm.  In total Team Jenna raised $1,717!!!  Thank you to everyone that donated and while I hope we never have to use Children’s Hospital I am so grateful it is there for all those children that need it and in case we ever do. 

Als run 001

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carolea said...

Nice job on your solicitation campaign.