Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Convertible Benches

My brother, Nic, built some convertible benches a couple years ago.  He said he found drawings online on how to make them.  So I did a quick search and I did find a great tutorial here and showed it to Jamie.  I asked him if he could make them and he said sure, how many do you want?  I said, how about 4 of them?  He laughed and said, how about 2?  Okay, I’m good with 2. 

Pressure treated pine was on sale at Menards and we still had a full gallon of stain left over from the deck.  So in one day Jamie cut all the wood and we stained it that night. 


We let the wood dry for 4 days and then Jamie put them together.  I love them!   They can be used as a bench or as a table.  Or put 2 back-to-back and you have a picnic table.


Since the wood was still a little tacky from the stain, we put some old blankets over them and were able to use them around the fire with friends.



juli said...

Those are awesome!! Love it. Might have a new job for Ben but I'm sure I'll still be asking next summer...lol

carolea said...

Practical - yet really neat!

manhattan pressurized walls said...

great idea so practical ..