Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flower arrangements with floral foam

I wasn’t asked to make any food items for Thanksgiving this year, so instead I made a floral arrangement for my Mom’s house.  I took a 2 hour flower arranging class about 2 years ago where I learned about floral foam. 


This foam is great for flowers because it holds gallons of water, seriously!  I filled my container with the foam and then ran water over it for about a minute before it stopped soaking it up.  The container felt as heavy as a gallon of milk.  It’s great for keeping the flowers in the position you want and the best part is that there is no issues with transporting it.  No vases filled with water falling over and making a mess.

I wish I took a picture of the flowers before I arranged them, but it was just a bouquet I picked up at Pick n’ Save for $12 a couple days ago.  I kept them in a vase of water without even taking the wrapper off. 

After my container was ready I started cutting all the flowers off the stems as far as I could.  Then I started in adding flowers starting in the middle with the lilies and some of the greenery.  Then the purple asters and the single yellow rose.  I added the cattails next and then moved on to filling in the bottom half.  The bouquet had a lot of reds in it, so I tried to mix in the yellow flowers and additional greenery where I could.


002 - Copy

001 - Copy

The container I used is 8”X8”X4” and it took all the flowers except for a lily I didn’t like.  I love how it turned out and I think it will look great on my Mom’s table for Thanksgiving.

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