Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kelsey’s Baby Shower

Yesterday I attended Kelsey’s baby shower.  She is having a girl and her nursery colors are pink and brown.  Earlier this year I posted about a couple owl sewing projects I had done and for her shower I decided to make them again… except this time in pink!




I wrote a little poem for each item too:


Hoo Hoo

This owl was made with love and cheer,

for a little baby that has yet to appear.

The fabric is pink as I’ve heard it’s a girl

and this owl is ready to dance, spin & twirl.

And if this little girl happens to have nightmares,

this owl is ready, so monsters beware!




Owl Beanie

When a baby is born you must keep their head warm

especially in Wisconsin’s cold winter storms.

This beanie hat will do just the trick

she’ll be so cozy & warm you’ll think it’s magic.




Clutch Diaper Changing Pad

When it’s time to change that stinky diaper

Here’s a changing pad you’ll admire.

There’s a pocket inside for a diaper and wipes

just pull it out and you’re ready to swipe.

The inside is soft for your baby’s bottom

she’ll be happy to lay still, it will be no problem.

And if she starts getting fussy just turn it around,

when she sees the owls her happiness will abound.





Rice Bags

Microwave 1-2 minutes on High

and kiss those aches & pains good-bye.

They also work wonders in a car seat

to warm up those little hands and feet.

Or freeze them for a little while

to fix those boo-boos up in style!


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Becky said...

So cute, Shelly! You can make some for our babies any day!!!